CNAs Deliver Basic Care to Keep Patients Comfortable and Happy

As a certified nursing assistant (CNA) or a state registered nursing assistant (SRNA), you will work with patients to ensure they receive their basic care needs. It’s a rewarding but challenging career that will leave you feeling as though you’ve helped someone’s stay in a medical facility a pleasant one.

CNAs and SRNAs have many duties, but the most important ones are tending to patient’s needs. They often help patients in and out of their beds, make sure they receive their meals, and assist them with personal hygiene. It’s all about making sure that patients are comfortable.

CNAs and SRNAs work with many people in the medical field. They collaborate with nurses and doctors to understand the patients’ conditions, and how best to help them prepare for treatment or recover after a procedure. With medically stable patients, CNAs and SRNAs simply enjoy becoming someone they can speak with about their stay at the medical facility and tending to their needs as needed.

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To become a CNA or SRNA, individuals need to complete a training program. This training program is often offered by hospitals and other medical facilities, but can also be received from vocational, technical or community colleges.

During the instructional part of the program, students learn the theory of resident care. They will also learn about some of the most common conditions patients suffer, and how their care is important to their treatment and recovery.

During the coursework portion of the program, students use the knowledge they gain working in a medical facility. The hands-on training helps students understand not only what their duties will entail, but also how to do those duties well.

After the training program, students need to take a State Competency Exam. This exam reviews all of the information learned in the training program, so most students don’t have any trouble passing it. After receiving a passing score on an exam, test takers receive a certificate from the Department of Health Services, so they can prove they are certified as a nursing assistant.

There are many careers to choose from today. But becoming a nursing assistant is one of the most rewarding. So, start your career path today with a training program that will prepare you to help people who need someone like you to deliver quality basic care.

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